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100th Birthday Celebrations at Leawood Manor

Leawood Manor care home in West Bridgford, celebrated the remarkable 100th birthday of its beloved resident, Grace, on the 16th March 2024. Grace, surrounded by her family, friends, and fellow residents, marked this significant milestone with joy and heartfelt celebration.

The morning of Grace’s special day commenced with heartwarming moments as she, alongside her fellow residents and the dedicated staff team, opened her birthday cards. The flood of love and well wishes added to the atmosphere, setting the day filled with cherished memories.

In the afternoon, Grace was treated to an unforgettable birthday party attended by many guests, including her husband David, who is also a resident at Leawood Manor. Amongst the laughter and joy, Grace shared stories from her life, relishing in the company of those who hold a special place in her heart.

One particularly notable moment of the celebration was when Grace received a heartfelt birthday card from King Charles and Queen Camilla, a gesture that left her feeling immensely proud and honoured.

The Wellbeing Leads at Leawood Manor, expressed their delight in being part of Grace’s milestone celebration, stating, “Grace is a well-known lady in the community and in the nearby area. It was an absolute joy and privilege to be part of her celebrations of reaching an impressive milestone here at Leawood.”

Grace’s 100th birthday celebration stands as a testament to a life well-lived and the enduring bonds of love and friendship. Leawood Manor is honoured to have been a part of this milestone occasion, and the entire community looks forward to many more years of cherished memories with Grace.