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Ashwood Care Home Residents Experience Thrilling Behind-the-Scenes Saracens Stadium Visit

Residents and staff of Ashwood Care Home, a cherished part of the Runwood Homes group, were treated to an exclusive experience on the 16th of May, as they were invited to witness the Captain’s run at the renowned Saracens Stadium. This initiative, orchestrated by the Saracens Foundation team in collaboration with Love to Balance, marked a significant moment for both the residents and the home.

Residents who actively participate in the Love to Balance programme were ecstatic to attend the Captain’s run at the Stone X Stadium, accompanied by the enthusiastic Saracens Foundation team. The day began with a rejuvenating Love to Balance chair exercise class led by the Saracens Foundation team, fostering a sense of wellbeing and camaraderie among the attendees. As a token of appreciation, each resident was gifted a Saracens bear, affectionately adopting them as the new mascots of Ashwood Care Home.

Joe, a resident at Ashwood Care Home and a focal point of the Love to Balance programme’s success, had the opportunity to showcase his remarkable progress to the Saracens team. His improved mobility, attributed to the Love to Balance classes, resonated as a testament to the programme’s efficacy. Reflecting on the experience, Joe expressed his delight, stating, “It was amazing to be back in a sports stadium, as it’s been many years since I have seen live sports. Good luck Saracens for your match on Saturday, and thank you for having us today.”

The excursion not only strengthened the bond between Saracens and Love to Balance but also provided an invaluable firsthand insight into the rigorous training regimen of the Saracens team ahead of their upcoming match.

For Ashwood Care Home, this event symbolised the spirit of community and collaboration, enriching the lives of residents through engaging experiences beyond the confines of the home. The support of the Saracens Foundation team, who generously fund the Love to Balance classes every Friday, further underscores the significance of partnerships in enhancing resident wellbeing.