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Braywood Gardens’ Walking Club Enhances Community Integration and Wellbeing

Braywood Gardens care home in Carlton, has launched an innovative initiative aimed at promoting community involvement and physical activity: the Braywood Gardens walking club.

Over the past few weeks, residents have eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore their community and create new friendships through weekly walks. Every Friday afternoon, residents enjoy visiting the local shop, One Stop, located on Coningswath Road in Carlton, Nottingham.

Rajesh, franchisee of One Stop and owner of KRB Retail, has warmly welcomed the residents and staff of Braywood Gardens into his establishment. His generosity knows no bounds, as he not only provides refreshments but also facilitates a comfortable environment for residents to relax and socialise. Mr Gokani’s kind gestures, including donations of sweet treats and Asian street food, have left a lasting impression on the Braywood Gardens community.

“We are so honoured to have the support of Rajesh and the entire community,” remarked Maisy, Wellbeing Lead at Braywood Gardens. “His welcoming demeanour and genuine care for our residents have made each visit to One Stop a memorable experience. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Gokani and the community for their kindness and understanding.”

The walking club’s excursions extend beyond visits to local establishments; residents also have the opportunity to explore the surrounding area, meet shop owners, and immerse themselves in the vibrant community of Carlton. Wheelchair-accessible routes ensure that all residents can participate, promoting inclusivity and ensuring that everyone feels valued and engaged.

“I believe that by creating opportunities for exercise and community interaction outside the confines of the home, we are enriching the lives of our residents,” added Maisy. “This initiative is about more than just physical activity; it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and connection to the world beyond our walls.”

The Braywood Gardens walking club represents a commitment to enhancing the overall wellbeing of residents and promoting active participation in community life. As the initiative continues to flourish, residents, staff, and the wider community look forward to many more enjoyable outings and meaningful connections.