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Honouring May’s 102nd Birthday at Mulberry Court

Mulberry Court, part of the Runwood Homes group, had the immense pleasure of celebrating the 102nd Birthday of their beloved resident, May on the 9th of June. The event was a joyous occasion, marked by the presence of her family, friends, and the staff who have the privilege of caring for her.

The lounge was transformed into a vibrant celebration space, decorated with colourful banners and balloons. A special highlight was the “102” displayed in bright lights, which added a festive and personal touch to the event. The attached pictures capture the warmth and happiness that filled the room.

All staff members contributed to the event, with a special mention to the Wellbeing Team and May’s family, who worked tirelessly to ensure the celebration was memorable. Their collective efforts brought together a party that truly reflected May’s remarkable spirit and strength. May expressed on the day, “I love my friends and family are here now lets eat cake!”

Celebrating May’s 102nd birthday is not just about acknowledging her age; it’s about honouring her incredible journey and the strength she embodies. Reaching 102 years is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated with love and joy. May is an inspiration to us all, demonstrating resilience and grace through the years.

Kirsty Edgar, the Wellbeing Lead, commented on the significance of this event: “It is an amazing feat reaching the grand old (‘young’) age of 102 and should be celebrated. May is an amazingly strong woman, so deserving to be spoilt. We are all truly blessed to share in her joy and to have her as part of our community.”

May’s birthday was a testament to the love and care that surrounds her at Mulberry Court, and we look forward to many more celebrations with her.