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Iris Turns 90: A Joyous Celebration at Mulberry Court

At Mulberry Court care home, part of the Runwood Homes group, residents, family, and friends gathered on the 16th of June to celebrate a momentous occasion: Iris’s 90th birthday. The event was a heartfelt tribute to Iris, one of our cherished residents, who was surrounded by loved ones on this special day.

The celebration was a testament to the strong sense of community at Mulberry Court, with residents and carers coming together to create a memorable event. The lounge was adorned with decorations, and a special birthday cake was prepared, reminiscent of the cakes Iris enjoyed during her time in Norfolk. Laughter, music, and warm conversations filled the air, creating a festive atmosphere.

For Iris, joined by her loving family, the occasion was particularly meaningful:

“I never expected such a wonderful time, and my cake was fabulous, just like how I used to have it in Norfolk.”

The event not only marked a significant milestone in Iris’s life but also highlighted Mulberry Court’s commitment to providing a supportive and celebratory environment for their residents. It demonstrated the importance of honouring and cherishing each resident, ensuring they feel valued and cherished on their special days.