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Liberty Houses’ Bowling Team Strikes Again: Fun-filled Afternoon for Residents

Liberty Houses’ bowling team returned for another round of strikes and laughter on Friday, 1st March. Organised by Jody, Wellbeing Lead, and Kelley, Wellbeing Support, the event aimed to provide residents with an afternoon of enjoyment and socialisation.

Residents Minnie, Maisie, Anne, and Dallad were eager participants in the event. As they stepped onto the lanes, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation.

“It was a wonderful experience,” remarked Maisie and Minnie, residents of Liberty House. “We laughed from start to finish, and age is no barrier to having fun! This was our second time bowling, and we’re already thinking of starting our own bowling club. Jody, our Wellbeing Lead, always organizes everything so well, and we couldn’t have done it without her.”

Jody, the driving force behind Liberty Houses’ recreational activities, expressed her delight at witnessing the joy on the residents’ faces. “It was so much fun,” she said. “When I see my ladies smile and laugh, it warms my heart. Age is truly no barrier when it comes to enjoying life.”

The event not only provided entertainment but also underscored the importance of engaging in familiar activities that bring joy and foster social connections. For the residents of Liberty House, these outings contribute significantly to their overall wellbeing and sense of belonging.

Liberty Houses’ bowling team looks forward to many more outings filled with strikes, spares, and endless laughter, as they continue to prioritize the happiness and fulfilment of their residents.