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Romantic Delight at Mill House: Residents Cherish Valentine’s Lunch Together

Love was in the air at The Mill House care home in Norwich on the 14th of February as residents, husbands, and wives came together to celebrate a heartwarming Valentine’s Day lunch. The event aimed to provide couples within the community an opportunity to enjoy a romantic three-course meal in each other’s company.

The event, organised by the dedicated team of Cook and Care Staff, along with the Home Manager and Admin personnel at The Mill House, was a resounding success. The ambiance was set for romance, with the room adorned with hearts and balloons, accompanied by the sweet melodies of 80s love songs playing softly in the background.

Home Manager at The Mill House, Rona Johnson, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, stating, “We wanted our residents who have husbands and wives to still be able to enjoy a romantic meal together and not be apart on this special day. It’s heartening to witness the joy and connection this event brought to our community.”

Residents and their spouses were treated to a delightful three-course meal prepared by the talented cooking staff. The menu showcased a variety of flavours to suit every palate, accompanied by carefully selected wines and indulgent chocolates. The staff, taking on the role of attentive waitresses, ensured that the guests were pampered throughout the experience.

The Valentine’s lunch not only provided a delightful dining experience but also created cherished memories for the residents and their loved ones.

The event showcased the commitment of The Mill House fostering a sense of community and ensuring that special moments are celebrated in the most heartwarming way.