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Windmill House creates artistic magic with residents and families in Wymondham

Windmill House were involved in a day of creativity and artistic collaboration, as residents, children, and parents joined forces for a day of hands-on art projects.

Led by Sarah from Start Art Studio in Wymondham, this event brought smiles and laughter to all in attendance.

The day was filled with a variety of artistic activities. Some of the highlights included screen printing, water painting, paper heart man crafting, and the creation of a 3D Windmill paper kit.

“We couldn’t have been happier to have Sarah from Start Art Studio and our little friends with us today” said Fran Annis, Wellbeing Lead at Windmill House. “It was a day filled with creativity, laughter and collaboration, and it’s heartwarming to see our residents and their little friends enjoying themselves so much.”

The event concluded with a round of applause and heartfelt thanks extended to Sarah from Start Art Studio and the children and families who made the day so special.

All the artwork created during the memorable day will be on display during the Windmill House art exhibition, starting on Wednesday the 13th of September. This exhibition promises to showcase the talent and creativity of Windmill House residents, giving everyone a chance to admire the finished pieces.

Windmill House plans to announce more art and craft classes in the future, providing more opportunities for residents and families to explore their artistic passions together.

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