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Ashwood Care Home Celebrates LGBTQ+ Community with Annual Pride Party

Ashwood care home, part of the Runwood Homes group held their annual Pride Party, celebrating Pride Month and the vibrant LGBTQ+ community within its walls. This joyous event took place on the 6th of June, where the Ashwood family came together in a heartwarming celebration of love, inclusivity, and pride.

The festivities were marked by colourful decorations that brightened up the home, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Residents and staff were entertained by a talented singer, whose performance added a delightful musical backdrop to the day’s celebrations. In addition to the entertainment, meaningful discussions were held about the importance of inclusivity and the pride Ashwood takes in its diverse community of staff, residents, and their relatives.

This event is a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. One resident shared their newfound understanding and appreciation, saying, “I am not part of the community, but after today, the staff have informed me of the importance of celebrating this month. It was a lovely day, and the singer was fantastic!”

The involvement of all staff and residents made the event particularly special, highlighting the sense of community and unity that defines Ashwood. The celebration not only honoured the significance of Pride Month but also served as an educational experience for those not previously familiar with its importance.

Ashwood’s Pride Party stands as a beacon of awareness and acceptance, honouring the history of the LGBTQ+ community and reinforcing the importance of inclusivity in every aspect of life. As Pride Month continues, Ashwood and the Runwood Homes group remains dedicated to celebrating diversity and fostering a supportive environment for all.