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Caldwell Grange Celebrates Resident Eileen’s Daily Contributions to Domestic Team

Caldwell Grange care home in Nuneaton is thrilled to announce a heartwarming initiative aimed at promoting independence, person-centred care, and fostering a sense of purpose for its residents. Every day, resident Eileen enthusiastically joins the domestic team to support maintaining our standard of cleanliness, making a meaningful impact on the home’s daily operations.

Recognising the importance of treating each resident as an individual, the management team at Caldwell Grange recently incorporated Eileen’s passion for cleanliness into the daily routines of the domestic team. Eileen has been provided with her own vacuum and tabard, allowing her to actively participate in maintaining the home.

“We wanted to empower Eileen by giving her the opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of our community in a way that resonates with her interests and abilities” said Sam Chater, Home Manager at Caldwell Grange.

This initiative not only aligns with the principles of person-centred care but also identifies similar opportunities for other residents. By recognising and celebrating the unique strengths of each individual, Caldwell Grange aims to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

This initiative goes beyond the routine of daily tasks; it promotes a sense of purpose, making residents feel special, and showcasing the dedication of the staff at Caldwell Grange to enhance the lives of those in their care.

Sam Chater, Home Manager, said: “Person-centred care is a way of thinking and doing things that sees people as individuals. It is about being compassionate and thinking about how we can enrich our residents’ lives. We take that very seriously at Caldwell Grange. I am enormously proud of the team.”