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Capturing the Essence of Care: A Heartwarming Moment at Laureate Court

A touching photograph, taken at Laureate Court care home, featuring one of their dedicated Care Team Leaders alongside a cherished resident, stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence in care.

Lisa Facer, Home Manager at Laureate Court, expressed, “The greatest wealth is the right care.” This poignant sentiment resonates deeply within our community, reflecting the core values that guide every interaction within our home. Each member of our team, from our dedicated carers to our compassionate staff, understands the profound impact of their role in enriching the lives of those entrusted to our care.

At the heart of this image lies a profound sentiment echoed by Rebecca Reed, one of our esteemed Care Team Leaders, who remarked, “My job is not just about the pay; the care is from the heart. They aren’t just residents; they are family.”

Laureate Court is part of the Runwood Homes group remaining steadfast in the commitment to providing unparalleled care, where every resident is embraced with warmth, dignity, and respect. Through moments like these captured in the photograph, we celebrate the profound connections that unite us as a family.

‘To provide dignity for everyone, everyday, because we care.’