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Eastham Care Home Celebrates Diversity with Staff Cultural Showcase

Eastham Care Home proudly hosted a cultural showcase on Friday 26th April 2024, where staff members shared their rich Indian heritage with residents, creating a vibrant celebration of diversity and inclusion.

The event, aimed at fostering a deeper sense of community and understanding, featured a display of traditional Indian attire worn by our dedicated staff members. Through this initiative, we sought to not only celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our workforce but also to actively involve our residents in the experience.

“By embracing the different cultural backgrounds of our staff and involving our residents in these celebrations, we aim to promote a culture of inclusivity and acceptance,” said Lesley, Manager of Eastham Care Home.

Residents and their families enthusiastically participated in the event, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to learn about different cultures firsthand. One resident’s relative said, “It’s wonderful to see the staff sharing their culture with us. It truly shows that Eastham Care Home values each member of its team as an individual.” Another family member added, “It is so lovely to learn about the different cultures.”

Runwood Homes group remains dedicated to creating an environment of openness and understanding where residents and staff alike feel empowered to share their experiences and traditions. The cultural showcase serves as a testament to the strength and beauty that come from embracing diversity.

‘To provide dignity for everyone, everyday, because we care.’