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Laureate Court Shares the Love in the Rotherham Community

This Valentine’s Day, Laureate Court care home in Rotherham, embarked on a heartwarming journey into the heart of the Rotherham community. The dedicated staff, accompanied by the delightful resident Sandra, spread love and joy by distributing gift bags, engaging in conversations with local residents, and fostering connections to promote the valuable services offered by Laureate Court.

Leanne Simms, Customer Relations Manager at Laureate Court care home, emphasized the significance of community engagement in the organisation’s mission. She stated, “Community engagement is a very important aspect of what we do. It was great to get out into the community with our lovely resident Sandra and promote Laureate Court while sharing goodies and getting to chat with local business owners and residents.”

The event aimed not only to celebrate Valentine’s Day but also to highlight Laureate Court’s commitment to building strong ties with the Rotherham community. By actively participating in the community and engaging with local businesses and residents, Laureate Court aims to create a positive impact and showcase the quality of care and services they provide.

Laureate Court continues to prioritise community involvement, recognising the profound influence it has on the wellbeing of its residents and the overall strength of the community. The Valentine’s Day initiative serves as a testament to Laureate Court’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections and spreading love beyond the walls of their facilities.