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Liberty House Hosted a Special Valentine’s Dining Experience

Liberty House care home in Cantley, took a heartfelt initiative to celebrate love and connection this Valentine’s Day. Liberty House organised an intimate Valentine’s meal for five couples, creating a romantic atmosphere filled with love and joy.

The event took place on the 14th of February 2024. Liberty House’s Wellbeing Lead, Jody Hughes, organised the initiative with support from the Wellbeing Support, Kelley. The experience aimed to provide couples with a unique opportunity to cherish moments of togetherness.

The team at Liberty House went above and beyond in transforming the home into a romantic haven. Tables were dressed with delicate rose petals, accompanied by wine and chocolate, each personalised with the couples’ names. The attention to detail aimed to create a memorable and enchanting atmosphere for the couples.

Among the five couples, two were residents of Liberty House, while the remaining three had their partners invited to join the celebration. The heartfelt initiative was inspired by a wish made by resident Pat, who expressed her desire for a romantic meal with her husband, John, who doesn’t live at Liberty House. The team embraced Pat’s wish, turning it into a reality to make the evening truly special.

Jody Hughes, Wellbeing Lead, expressed her joy, stating, “It was so lovely to see five couples of Liberty House spreading the love, and seeing big smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile.” Kelley, Wellbeing Support, added, “It was a great opportunity to take part in and was so heartwarming to see our couples enjoying a romantic meal together.”

The Valentine’s Dining Experience showcased the organisation’s commitment to enhancing the overall well-being of its residents and fostering meaningful connections. Such initiatives play a vital role in maintaining happy and healthy relationships, offering couples the chance to share quality time and revisit cherished moments.