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Local storyteller takes Mansfield care home residents on a journey through time with personalized WWII story

A heart-warming event took place at Maun View care home with local storyteller Nicky Rafferty as she embarked on a person-centred exercise. Nicky connected the individual memories of wartime experienced by the elderly residents at Maun View. The event took place on Monday, 25th September, where over 20 residents gathered to learn more about her storytelling.

Several months ago, Nicky made her first visit to the care home with wartime artifacts – sweets, ration books, ID cards, and more. Without taking a single note, she engaged the residents, encouraging them to share their memories. Nicky’s unique approach involved storing these precious recollections in her memory, a technique that would later astonish everyone present.

She returned to the care home on Monday, captivating the audience with her ability to recall most residents’ names. She tied the collected stories into an inspiring tale of WWII, painting a vivid picture of the past. The exercise not only stimulated memory but also proved to be a significant experience for the residents, grounding them in their personal histories and identities.

Annie Parsons, a resident, expressed her amazement: “Nicky is amazing. How she remembered all our stories, I have no idea. It took me back to things I hadn’t talked about for years.”

Nia, the Wellbeing Lead, commended Nicky’s exceptional storytelling: “Nicky is an exceptionally engaging person. Her personalisation of a story that centres on those in the room was captivating, not only for me but the residents who were transfixed by her and felt included and important. She proved to have not only exceptional memory herself but got residents who sometimes have little coherence in their day-to-day conversations to be able to recount deeply personal stories and to seamlessly weave these important memories into a compelling story relevant and pertinent to our residents. Simply wonderful.”

This unique exercise showcased the power of personalised storytelling as a tool for memory and reminiscence. It not only transported the residents back in time but also emphasized the importance of preserving personal histories, connecting generations, and fostering a sense of identity and belonging.

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