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Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at Ashwood: A Heartwarming Celebration of Generations

Ashwood care home in Ware, hosted a heartwarming Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea on the 9th March 2024, to honour the remarkable women living at the home. The event was a testament of family bonds and a celebration of the cherished mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers within the Ashwood community.

The dedicated staff at Ashwood went above and beyond to make this event special, crafting homemade cakes, sandwiches, and biscuits to serve during two delightful sittings of afternoon tea within the home. The occasion was not only an opportunity for the residents to enjoy a delicious spread but also a chance for families to come together and share the joy of the day.

Residents and their loved ones were treated to a warm and inviting atmosphere, as the staff served afternoon tea to ensure everyone felt appreciated and celebrated. The event was a beautiful reflection of the strong sense of community at Ashwood, where the bonds between residents and staff extend beyond mere caregiving.

A relative expressed their appreciation, saying, “Thank you to everyone for a lovely afternoon. You all worked so hard, and everything was perfect! It meant the world to us to see our loved ones enjoying such a special day.”

Another relative shared their sentiments, “Such a lovely afternoon, thank you so much for everything that you lovely carers do for my nanny. Your dedication to creating memorable moments does not go unnoticed, and it truly makes a difference in the lives of our cherished family members.”

The Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at Ashwood served as a heartfelt tribute to the women who have contributed so much to their families and communities. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and shared memories, embodying the essence of family and the strong sense of community that defines Ashwood.