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Residents at Orchard Blythe explore history and memories

On the 27th March 2024 – Residents and staff from Orchard Blythe care home in Birmingham recently embarked on a educational mini-bus trip to explore the history and memories captured within the R.A.F Museum Cosford. Led by Wellbeing Coordinators Michelle and Katie, alongside dedicated bus driver Peter, the group of five residents, including Bill, George, Alf, Robin, and Stan, embarked on a journey filled with nostalgia, camaraderie, and new discoveries.

The trip, undertaken at the request of the residents, offered an opportunity to delve into the post-war history, including an extensive array of planes, uniforms, equipment, and memorabilia. Each resident brought their own unique perspective and experiences to the day, creating an enriching atmosphere filled with shared stories and cherished memories.

Michelle, reflecting on the day’s events, expressed, “We will come back again, it’s been a fabulous day. I have learned so much about the residents’ stories I had never heard before from each resident.” Katie, echoing similar sentiments, remarked, “Just seeing the faces on the residents and seeing they had a lovely time was priceless.”

Residents also shared their thoughts on the experience, with Robin expressing, “It has been wonderful to read all the information; very interesting.” Bill added, “It’s been a brilliant day, so much to see and do. Would like to visit again.” George, whose service was tied to Cosford, reflected, “I did my service here; it’s very different to what I remember when I was 17. I was here for 3 years.” Stan concluded, “I thought it was very good indeed, very big planes.” Alf summed up the sentiment, stating, “It’s been a very good day, and we saw so much.”

The trip not only served as a means of exploration but also fostered a sense of community and connection amongst the residents, allowing them to reminisce about their past while creating new memories together.