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Stafford Hall residents trip to Duxford sparking nostalgic memories

In a heartwarming initiative aimed at honouring the rich military history of our residents, Stafford Hall care home in Benfleet organised two memorable trips to Duxford airfield in February and March 2024. The outings were specifically tailored for our residents who have served in the Royal Air Force or maintained a keen interest in its legacy.

Led by Wellbeing Leads Cathy and Heather, along with the enthusiastic participation of residents Anne, Tony, Bill, Ralph, Doreen, and Ron, the trips provided a moving opportunity for individuals to reconnect with their RAF roots and share stories of their past.

During the visits, residents had the chance to explore the vast collection of planes, memorabilia, and exhibits at Duxford airfield. Engaging in conversations about their personal experiences, they reminisced about their time in service and cherished memories associated with the RAF.

Reflecting on the significance of the outings, Cathy, Wellbeing Lead, expressed, “Just seeing the residents enjoy an outing so much and bring so much home with them is why I really enjoy my role. It was a long walk to the airfield but those residents that went enjoyed every second and chatted so much on the way home about it.”

For resident Bill, a former RAF member, the experience evoked a mixture of emotions. “I can’t believe I live so close and have never been. It really did bring back some good and bad memories for me. The planes especially brought a tear to my eye; I couldn’t ask for a better day!” Bill shared enthusiastically.

Jean, another resident with an RAF background, fondly remembered her time stationed in Germany. “I was in the RAF and was stationed in Germany for some time. I can’t remember how to talk in German but I used to take stock and stores to the troops,” she shared, highlighting the diverse experiences among the residents.

Anne, expressing her delight, remarked, “It was a great day out. I love all of the trips we go on, but I really liked seeing all of the things they had on display.”

The Duxford trips not only provided an avenue for residents to revisit cherished memories but also fostered a sense of community spirit among them. As they continue to engage in discussions and activities inspired by their outing, the bonds formed during this experience are expected to endure and enrich the lives of all involved.