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Tallis House Residents Gear Up for Blooming Marvelous Competition with Green Thumb Enthusiasm

With the Blooming Marvellous competition across the Runwood Homes Group coming up, Tallis House is already off to a fantastic start! Residents and staff recently visited Northfield Garden Centre in Waltham Abbey on the 9th of May, drawing inspiration from the stunning array of flowers on display.

This visit sparked a wave of creativity and enthusiasm among our residents, who eagerly selected a variety of plants and flowers to enhance our raised flower beds. The selection process was an integral part of our new Garden Club activity, where residents take an active role in designing and cultivating their own garden space. One resident expressed “the flowers were beautiful, like the flowers that they use to grow in her dad’s garden.”

The green-fingered residents of Tallis House immersed themselves in planting a vibrant mix of flowers and bulbs. The initial results have been nothing short of spectacular, with bright and vivid colours bringing life and beauty to our garden. The residents are excitedly anticipating how their garden will flourish and grow, looking forward to an even more magnificent display next year.

Gardening offers numerous benefits to our residents. It provides a relaxed and peaceful environment, helps keep them fit and active, and serves as a wonderful opportunity to engage with fellow residents and staff. This shared activity not only adds structure to their daily routine but also enhances their sense of focus and purpose.

Runwood Homes is proud to support such enriching activities that contribute to the well-being and happiness of our residents. The Blooming Marvellous competition is set to be a highlight of the year, and we look forward to seeing the beautiful gardens that our homes will create.