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Valentine’s Day Celebration at Lancaster Court with Leavesden Green Nursery School

Lancaster Court care home in Watford, celebrated Valentine’s Day with heartwarming intergenerational activities alongside Leavesden Green Nursery School on the 14th of February.

Leavesden Green Nursery School, comprising 30 children aged 3-5, along with teachers and parents, graced Lancaster Court with their presence to spread love and joy. The young visitors brought handmade Valentine’s Day cards for the residents and added a touch of sweetness by singing them with delightful nursery rhymes.

The Wellbeing Lead, Blessing Adu, guided the children, teachers, and parents through all three floors, creating heartwarming interactions between the young visitors and the residents. This thoughtful initiative aimed to bridge the generation gap and foster companionship, providing a unique and joyful experience for all involved.

“The visit from the children brought smiles and joy in the home; the residents loved every second of it. Intergenerational activities like these are incredibly important as they enhance emotional well-being for both the children and our residents,” remarked Blessing Adu, Wellbeing Lead at Lancaster Court.

This heartening event showcased the positive impact of intergenerational connections, creating lasting memories and spreading love throughout the community. Lancaster Court remains committed to providing enriching experiences that contribute to the well-being and happiness of its residents.