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Wings of Freedom Soar at Mulberry Court Care Home: A Day of Enchantment with Birds of Prey

Mulberry Court Care Home, part of the Runwood Homes group, was graced with a remarkable visit from Colin, affectionately known as Geordie, representing The Birds of Prey Trust, accompanied by four magnificent avian ambassadors. The event, which took place on Tuesday, 14th of May brought an air of wonder and excitement to the residents and carers alike.

Geordie introduced residents to the awe-inspiring world of birds of prey, bringing along two majestic owls, a swift falcon, and a graceful kestrel. As he shared insights into their behaviour and habitats in the wild, residents were captivated by the beauty and majesty of these creatures.

Despite the limitations posed by being based on one floor, the event organisers ensured that every resident had the opportunity to participate. Residents were escorted to the floor, where Geordie shared captivating stories about each bird, allowing them to experience the magic up close. For those unable to leave their rooms, Geordie thoughtfully brought the birds to them, ensuring that no one missed out on this extraordinary experience.

The significance of such events cannot be understated, as Mary, Mulberry Court’s resident ambassador, attests. “What a wonderful and exciting time we have had,” said Mary. “It has been such a nice surprise, and although I was a bit apprehensive, I held one of the birds, which was very, very exciting.”

The visit of these magnificent birds not only brought joy and excitement to the residents but also served as a reminder of the therapeutic benefits of animal interactions. The sense of wonder and engagement displayed by the residents underscores the importance of incorporating such experiences into the care home’s activities programme.