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Wisden Court’s Ice Cream Cart

Wisden Court, in Stevenage, decided to convert their old freezer into a brilliant ice cream cart for residents to use and enjoy. To make it accessible for residents, Home Manager, Tracey, thought to add a colourful stand and wheels to the cart so that it could make its rounds throughout the 54-bed home. The cart is put to good use during the summer months and the well-known ice cream tune is played when the cart is up and about.

On some days, residents like to run the cart themselves, which is an excellent occupational activity. Resident Tony loves to keep busy and can often be found taking the trolley around the suites, which also gives him a chance to chat with all the other residents. We strive to support residents in finding their place within the home, encouraging them to find something they love doing that also provides them with a sense of value, belonging and purpose, which in turn, positively impacts on their wellbeing and happiness.

At Runwood Homes, we really value and promote upcycling or reusing items around the home. Turning unused household items into something that residents can thoroughly enjoy using in a new and entertaining way. Wisden Court’s brilliant ice cream cart is a perfect example of this.