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Handmade Theatre Brings Joy and Creativity to Braywood Gardens Residents

In a blend of music, arts, and community spirit, Handmade Theatre, an organisation known for their exceptional support through creative endeavours, has been gracing Braywood Gardens care home in Nottingham with their heartwarming performances. Handmade Theatre has become an integral part of the Braywood Gardens community, leaving a trail of smiles and memories that resonate long after the performances.

Handmade Theatre, renowned in the Nottingham arts scene, stands out for its commitment to supporting individuals in the community through engaging acts of music and arts. Their team, a beacon of support and encouragement, crafts shows that add a touch of authenticity to the lives of the community they serve.

For the past two months, Handmade Theatre has been lighting up Braywood Gardens with their uplifting performances, made possible through generous funding. The organisation provides everything needed for the sessions, allowing residents and staff to simply enjoy the fun-filled moments created by the talented and supportive team.

The latest session on Wednesday, 21st February, showcased the musical talents and arts & crafts of Handmade Theatre. Residents were treated to a delightful sing-along, and the joy reached new heights when they discovered their radiant smiles featured on the front page of Handmade Theatre’s new sing-along books.

Maisy Norrish, Wellbeing Lead at Braywood Gardens, expressed the staff’s joy, stating, “We were thrilled to see our residents’ bright smiles featured on the front page of Handmade Theatre’s sing-along book. It’s a testament to the wonderful moments and friendships that have blossomed during their engaging sessions.”

The Handmade Theatre sessions have proven to be transformative for the residents, fostering a sense of excitement that lingers between visits. Residents actively participate in singing, dancing, and even solo performances, showcasing newfound confidence. The arts & crafts sessions that follow are a testament to the creativity and joy these interactions inspire.

Maisy continued, “The love and energy shared during Handmade Theatre sessions have been captured in these sing-along books, allowing others to witness the beauty of connection through music and arts. We hope our photos inspire others to embrace the power of music and arts in lighting up rooms and creating beautiful smiles, regardless of age.”

Braywood Gardens looks forward to the ongoing collaboration with Handmade Theatre, as the sing-along book takes its uplifting journey through other homes and the wider community, spreading the message that music and arts know no age limits.