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Leanne’s career journey at Runwood Homes

We’d like to thank Leanne, Home Manager at Braywood Gardens care home in Nottingham for sharing her career journey with Runwood Homes.

Why did you join the social care sector?

When first starting out in the Care Sector in 1998, I was a Kitchen Assistant, however I spent more time with residents than washing the pots and pans. My employers at the time moved me Into Care, which was not a career path I had thought to take. I did, however, find that this was a calling and a passion and quickly fell in love with caring for our elderly, having not had grandparents of my own. After a few short weeks of being a care assistant, I quickly learned this was to be my life and that taking care of others is what I genuinely wanted to do.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The most enjoyable part of my role is that there are no two days the same and that every resident has a story to tell. They are inspirational and have so much to give to today’s generations of a life lived experience. I have a very enthusiastic nature around those with dementia and seeing the whole person and learning those around me to see the person and not what ails them.

Tell us a bit more about career journey at Runwood Homes?

I joined Runwood Homes in April 2022 and I am very passionate to share the positivity of working for Runwood, this is not a company that does not care about its residents or employees, this is a company that shares the same view of providing excellent care and wellbeing to all residents and staff and this is apparent regardless of which member of staff or home you speak to or visit. I am proud to be a part of Runwood Homes and feel positive about my future with them.

Who is your social care hero and why?

My social care hero would be Teepa Snow, she is an outstanding advocate for Social Care and her work in educating others around those living with a dementia is outstanding.

What makes a great care worker?

A great Care Worker is those that is kind, empathetic and treats all residents as a person and not a task to be completed. A great Care Worker is someone who strives to make a resident smile and help those at the end of their life to live the absolute best life during these times.

What do you do when life gets a bit too much?

When life gets a little too much, I look to never carry any negativity forward into the following day and take time out to appreciate my large and ever-growing family and walk my amazing medical dog Macro. I prefer a simple life and look for a positive every day.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Never underestimate the confidence to help others in need and keep going to strive and make social care a little better one day at a time. Have the confidence to speak up in defense of others and advocate for those that cannot advocate for themselves.