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NHS Infection Control Gold Award Recognises Team’s Dedication to Resident Wellbeing at Caldwell Grange

The dedicated team at Caldwell Grange care home in Nuneaton, is thrilled to announce their recent achievement of the NHS Infection Control Gold Award. This recognition is the result of a year-long initiative which the team underwent thorough training and assessments under the “Say No to Infection” program provided by the NHS.

Over the past 12 months, the team at Caldwell Grange actively participated in the NHS training scheme, working through a series of modules, assessments, and evidence-based evaluations. The initiative, led by the Infection Control leads, aimed to introduce best practices in infection prevention and control.

Having successfully completed the initiative, the team presented evidence that showcased their commitment to maintaining a clean and infection-free environment for residents. The Gold Award, a testament to their dedication and hard work, is a recognition of Caldwell Grange’s adherence to the highest standards of infection control.

Essential to the success of the initiative was the active involvement of all staff members. From the leadership of the Infection Control leads to the participation of every team member, the collaborative effort ensured a universal approach to infection control. The initiative not only emphasized the importance of cleanliness but also aimed to create a homely environment for residents.

The primary focus of the initiative was to guarantee the health and wellbeing of residents by maintaining a clean and infection-free living space. The team believes that by adhering to infection control measures, they can positively impact the daily lives of residents, providing them with a safe and hygienic environment.

Sam Chater, Home Manger mentioned, “This has been a great initiative for us to complete as a team, and we feel very proud to have been awarded the Gold Award. We recognize the paramount importance of ensuring the wellbeing and health of our residents while supporting them to live in a clean environment. This achievement reinforces our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of infection control for the benefit of those we serve.”

The NHS Infection Control Gold Award is not just a recognition of excellence but a testament to Caldwell Grange’s firm dedication to providing quality healthcare and ensuring the utmost safety and comfort for their residents.