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Residents from Sister Homes Kathryn Court, Elizabeth House, and Broomhills Enjoy Unforgettable Day at Grays Fire Museum and Treacle Mine Pub

On Saturday, June 15th, residents from Elizabeth House, Kathryn Court, and Broomhills, our sister homes, enjoyed a nostalgic and informative trip to the Grays Fire Museum followed by a delightful buffet lunch at the Treacle Mine Pub. This outing provided our residents with a day filled with fond memories, engaging activities, and heartfelt connections.

Upon arrival at the Grays Fire Museum, residents were warmly welcomed by the fire station officers who guided them through a fascinating tour of the museum. They marvelled at the historic fire engines and equipment, with the fire station officers sharing detailed stories and insights about the evolution of firefighting. The residents eagerly engaged, asking numerous questions and even having the unique opportunity to sit in the fire engines and try on the helmets. This hands-on experience was a particular highlight, especially for Rosie, whose father was a firefighter, and Lawrence, a former firefighter himself. Both residents from Broomhills expressed that the visit was exceptionally meaningful, evoking cherished memories and a sense of familiarity.

Lawrence, reflected on the day, saying, “It felt so good and familiar to be at the fire station. This has been my best day so far since moving into Broomhills and my best outing yet.” Rosie added, “Sitting in the fire engine and trying on the firefighter’s hat brought back so many happy memories of my father.”

The museum staff further enhanced the visit by offering tea, coffee, and fairy cakes, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. There was also a dementia stall with helpful aids that piqued the interest of our residents, showcasing the museum’s commitment to inclusivity and support for those living with dementia.

Following the museum visit, everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at the Treacle Mine Pub, where they continued to share stories and laughter.

Karen, Wellbeing Lead from Elizabeth House, emphasised the importance of such trips, stating, “Our outings are crucial for encouraging residents to get out, enjoy fresh air, and participate in meaningful activities. Interacting with other homes, making new friends, and building self-esteem significantly contribute to their wellbeing and independence.”

The trip was part of the “Make a Wish” project initiated across Runwood Homes, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society, aimed at creating special experiences for elderly residents living with dementia. The Essex Fire Museum in Grays graciously organised an open day specifically for these residents, highlighting their dedication to community engagement and support.

This memorable trip underscores our commitment to enriching the lives of our residents, providing them with opportunities to relive precious memories, and fostering a sense of community and wellbeing.