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Rotherham United Supports Laureate Court in Fulfilling Residents’ Wishes

Laureate Court care home in Rotherham, has been on a mission to grant wishes to its residents, and thanks to the generous support of Rotherham United Football Club, two residents’ dreams recently came true.

Over the past few months, Laureate Court has been dedicated to bringing joy and fulfilment to its residents by fulfilling their heartfelt wishes. Among these wishes, two residents expressed a desire to attend a Rotherham United football match, a passion close to their hearts.

Upon learning of the residents’ wishes, Laureate Court reached out to Rotherham United with a request for assistance. In a heartwarming display of community spirit, the football club responded with generosity, donating match tickets for the residents and staff to attend a game.

The experience proved to be nothing short of extraordinary for the residents, who, accompanied by their families and caregivers, were able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a live football match. As they joined the crowds of supporters making their way to the stadium, they were no longer just residents of a care facility; they were passionate football fans, soaking in the sights and sounds of match day.

John, Clinical Deputy Manager at Laureate Court, shared his reflections on the unforgettable experience: “For both residents, it was a wonderfully immersive experience. We joined the large crowd of supporters on the walk up to the stadium, and they were residents no longer—only long-standing football supporters taking in the sights and the sounds of the crowds, the turnstiles, the flags, and the football chants. Just two men watching the match, cheering on their team, belonging.”

The residents and their families expressed immense gratitude to Laureate Court for making their wishes a reality, and to Rotherham United for their generosity in providing the opportunity for such a memorable experience.

Laureate Court extends heartfelt thanks to Rotherham United for their support and for enabling its residents to fulfil their dreams. This act of kindness underscores the power of community collaboration in bringing joy and happiness to those in need.