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‘You said, we did’ initiative at Wisden Court put in place to meet residents’ wishes

The team at Wisden Court, in Stevenage, have put in place a brilliant initiative to help understand what changes residents would like to see within the home, with the aim of seeing these changes embedded into the home.

The idea came about during the home’s monthly resident’s meeting. The aim is to create a comfortable and inclusive project which encourages residents to express the changes they would like to see in the running of the home. The residents are welcome to contribute their thoughts and suggestions, and the Wisden Court team strive to put these in place.

On display in the home is the ‘You said, we did’ board, which showcases the suggestions from residents that have already been put in place. Some brilliant examples on the display highlight that the home has already gone the extra mile to meet resident’s wishes. One resident said, ‘I miss doing my own shopping’, in which the home responded, ‘We created our own mobile shop, allowing residents to browse and pick up treats and basic items.’ Another resident stated, ‘we would like a quiet area for reading and relaxing’, so the team created a quiet room residents can retreat to, which includes memory pictures and comfortable chairs and is open 24 hours.

Tracey Fletcher, Home Manager at Wisden Court, is pleased to see the initiative’s success, and commented:

“Our resident’s opinion of their home is so important for us to capture. This initiative has helped us to further engage with residents and shows them they are understood, and we will always take the time to listen to them.”

The initiative is just one way the team has further provided an inclusive and supportive environment. By taking into account resident’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions, the team can continue delivering quality, person-centred care.