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Residents groove at Monica’s silent disco birthday bash at Ashwood care home

Residents, staff, and family members at Ashwood care home in Ware took part in a special silent disco birthday celebration on the 18th of January, organised for the care home’s resident, Monica.

Monica’s daughter generously donated a silent disco setup, transforming the main lounge into a vibrant dance floor decorated with glow sticks and an array of party food. The celebration brought together residents, staff, and Monica’s daughters and husband.

The silent disco provided a friendly and enjoyable way for everyone to come together and creating a shared experience. It also served as an exciting opportunity to show the facilities new disco light, adding an extra layer of fun to the festivities.

As soon as residents put on their headphones, their faces lit up, and the main lounge came alive with an array of dance moves. The power of music to uplift spirits and bring people together was evident, making the silent disco a memorable and heartwarming occasion.

Monica said: “Having the silent disco for my birthday was the best gift ever. I got to listen to all my favourite songs and see everyone enjoying themselves. It truly made my day special.”

Hanna Anderson, the Home Manager of Ashwood care home, said: “It was so lovely to witness the smiling faces of residents as they danced and celebrated in the lounge. The silent disco was a big hit, and we’re planning to organise more events like this in the future. It’s amazing to see the positive impact such simple joys can have on our community.”

Ashwood continues to prioritise creating a vibrant and engaging environment for its residents, fostering a sense of community, joy, and celebration.

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