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Grace’s Heartwarming Day Out at Tropical Birdland

Grace, a dear resident at Bracebridge Court, part of the Runwood Homes group, recently enjoyed a transformative outing to Tropical Birdland on the 5th of June, marking a significant milestone in her journey of healing and renewal.

Following the loss of her husband and a serious injury, Grace found comfort and companionship in Billy, her cherished cockatiel. After moving to Bracebridge Court for additional support, Grace and Billy have become inseparable companions.

Recognising Grace’s deep affection for birds, the staff organised a special day out to Tropical Birdland. Joined by fellow residents Hilda, Margaret, and Hazel, Grace delighted in feeding and interacting with a diverse array of birds, some of which reminded her of Billy.

Throughout the day, moments of joy and connection abounded, especially when parrots playfully perched on Grace’s knee—a heartwarming echo of her late husband’s passion for wildlife. Resident Hilda described the experience as “wonderful and beautiful,” capturing the essence of the day.

Filled with gratitude for the unforgettable experience, Grace expressed her happiness and eagerly anticipates future outings. She returned with a special treat for Billy, symbolising the bond that has brought her renewed happiness at Bracebridge Court.