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Celebrating a Century and a Year: Irene’s 101st Birthday at Mulberry Court Care Home

Mulberry Court Care Home is delighted to announce the celebration of a remarkable milestone as Irene, one of their longest residents, turned an impressive 101 years old. The joyous occasion was marked by a heartfelt gathering that included Irene’s close family, friends, fellow residents, and dedicated carers. Everyone who attended was in awe of Irene’s incredible journey and her vibrant spirit.

The event featured a cosy and intimate celebration where guests joined together to honour Irene’s life and legacy. The atmosphere was filled with joy and admiration as guests shared stories, laughter, and cherished memories. Irene’s son Malcolm and his wonderful wife Jackie were present, making the day even more special for Irene.

“I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, especially my son Malcolm and his wonderful wife Jackie,” Irene expressed with a smile. “I was made to feel very special and received some lovely gifts.”

Mulberry Court Care Home, part of the Runwood Homes group, takes pride in celebrating significant milestones for residents, recognising the importance of making them feel valued and celebrated. Reaching the age of 101 extraordinary.