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Oldfield House Resident Sandra: A Valued Community Member and Dedicated Learner

Oldfield House care home in Stainforth has been joined by the vibrant presence of Sandra, a resident who has effortlessly merged herself into the community. Sandra’s dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth have made her an integral part of the Oldfield House family.

Sandra’s eagerness to contribute is clear in her active involvement in day-to-day tasks. She willingly assists with chores such as laundry and basic cleaning, ensuring the smooth functioning of the home. Her genuine care extends beyond tasks, as she spends quality time with fellow residents. Whether engaging in one-on-one conversations, participating in activities, or aiding group events, Sandra’s warmth and enthusiasm leave a lasting impact on everyone she interacts with.

A true friend to new residents, Sandra takes on the role of a buddy, offering support and companionship during their transition to Oldfield House. Her genuine interest in building connections and fostering friendships creates a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Sandra’s commitment to the well-being of the community is demonstrated by her role as Oldfield House Dementia Champion. Regularly participating in monthly Zoom calls, Sandra actively contributes to discussions, sharing insights and helping create a supportive environment for residents with dementia.

Recently, Sandra achieved commendable milestones by completing Manual Handling, Fire Safety, and First Aid training alongside Oldfield House staff. Her dedication and success in these areas highlight her commitment to personal development and ensuring the safety of the community. Sandra is eagerly anticipating her participation in the upcoming PCS Training, showcasing her enthusiasm for continuous learning.

Leeanne Craddock, Home Manager at Oldfield House, expressed her admiration for Sandra, stating, “Sandra is a fantastic asset to the home. We are proud to support Sandra in continuing to be independent and stretch her skills. We are lucky to have her as part of the Oldfield community, and it just goes to show that no matter what your age or ability, you can achieve anything.”

Sandra’s story at Oldfield House is a testament to the power of community, resilience, and the pursuit of lifelong learning. Her positive impact serves as an inspiration to residents and staff alike, reflecting the inclusive and empowering environment at Oldfield House.